Jack has written, directed, and produced two short films and has also worked on the production of other independent movies.


James is a typical college senior approaching graduation and preparing for his future. He’s responsible, gets good grades, and has a predictable relationship with his steady girlfriend, Laura. But with finals approaching, James’ stable life increasingly becomes unsteady. He begins having recurring, violent nightmares, and finds himself unnerved by his mysterious new roommate, Trevor. In just a few short days, Trevor’s presence will alter the course of James’ life forever.

STARRING: Jason Burghorn, Jessica Howell and Michael Quednau

INFO: Color; 27 Minutes; Not Rated; Letterboxed; Stereo Sound


Jonathan’s been drifting through life. But when his girlfriend Stephanie moves out he’s forced to confront his future. According to Jonathan’s porn loving best friend Todd the best way to move on is to hook up with someone new. But Jonathan’s cat Moonsie has a different plan. Moonsie and Jonathan’s special relationship is one of the reasons why Stephanie left. Is Moonsie just a cat, or the conduit to Jonathan’s true destiny?

STARRING: Kyle Walters and Pedro Lee

INFO: Color; 30 Minutes; Not Rated; Widescreen; Stereo Sound